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Melani Juarez Found Dead: OnlyF Model Stabbed To Death Who Murdered Her?



Once again, an OnlyF model Melani Juarez is remaining the hot discussion among everyone since her tragic murder news took place on social media. Yes, you heard right, reportedly she is no longer among her admirers as she was tragically figured out dead while having 14 stab wounds in a guesthouse, she had been living at in the Argentine city of Rosario. As soon as the news is circulating on social media everyone is seeking justice for her and requesting to the concerned department to detain the culprit who became the cause of her unexpected passing, so below you could get everything along with some untold facts.

Melani Juarez Found Dead: OnlyF Model Stabbed To Death Who Murdered Her?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, The dead body of a popular OnlyF model is found in her guesthouse through the police department, she had been stabbed more than 13 times as wounds are speaking out. The incident occurred on 17th January 2022, but no one knows the exact reason behind the crime, because neighbors have shared their statement with the police department that they did not hear even a single argument of her with someone. Even the defaulter did not leave any evidence left behind that could lead the police to find the prime suspect.

What Was Melani Juarez Cause of Death?

It is being reported, that initially her body was seen by her friend who got doubt at her that something was not good as she was not receiving her phone call, which was indicating everything. Hence, later she decided to go to her residence and when she opened the door of the guesthouse she saw her body on the surface with lethal injuries and heavy bloodstains, and therefore, she made a call to the concerned department on the spot so that, they could come and start investigating the case to find out the main defaulter whose prime involvement is spotted behind the slaughtering.

Reportedly, her dead body has been sent into the custody of the forensic department so that, if some unknown facts are standing behind the crime, they could unveil and they could get the help to solve it to detain the prime suspect. Because through the autopsy report they could get the fingerprints of the culprit is he would have been touched her during the slaughtering. Since her fans got the news their immense reaction came out as nothing was predicted, hence, everyone is urging the police department to take appropriate actions before it’s too late.

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