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McDonald’s Guard Punches Woman (Terika Clay) in the Face & Drags Her Watch Video Footage



Most recently a disturbing video is surfacing all over the Internet shocking the audience with its violent content. The video recorded by a CCTV camera captured a woman is thrashing by a guard brutally. The video is circulating all over social networking sites. The entire incident took place at Blake Street in York at a reputed restaurant when the guard of the food retail franchise punched the woman on her face and dragged her leg. The onlookers also recorded the entire incident went viral on the Internet. Obtain more information on violent video.

Terika Clay mcdonalds Shooting video

According to the latest reports, the incident happened on 22 January 2022, Saturday at around 6:30 PM. The video is showing that the guard is beating the woman cruelly. He hit the woman on the face and she fell down on the ground. The guard then tells the woman ‘off you go’ earlier to this he said ‘see you later’ and dragged her across the floor. The woman lying on the floor tries to kick her but she grabs her leg and throws her out to the premises. Some of the onlookers were laughing while some of them avoided the scene.

McDonald’s Guard Punches Woman Video

As far as learning about the complete incident the lady was identified as Terika Clay 30 years old was at the Drive-thru created a nuisance after ordering a coffee said that her blood sugar was low and urgently need her coffee. She then started throwing tantrums at the crew member who was taking her order and started shouting at the worker over the French Fry order. The people presented there said that the lady just got wrecked whereas others said “Is She out cold?”. The entire incident is receiving much attention from the netizens and other consumers.

As and when the video of the incident viral and the netizens started questioning the authority, the spokesperson of the fast-food giant said that the restaurant has a “zero-tolerance policy” towards “violence or abuse” with the workers. The person involved in the incident was associated with a third party and wasn’t working for any of our outlets. The spokesperson said that we are investigating the complete incident.”

One of the officials of North Yorkshire released a statement that the woman has been taken into custody along with her a 20 years old man also attending the police station involved in the same incident. The law enforcement also pleads the onlookers to share the complete information on the entire incident. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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