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Malik McDowell Arrested Video In Florida Viral Online Twitter Why Was He Arrested?



Brown defensive tackle Malik McDowell again gets surrounded with huge controversies again. Lately, he again gets arrested by the Police official of Michigan. Recently, another controversial video of Malik McDowell is surfacing all over the Internet. According to the latest reports, before his arrest, CCTV footage has been released wherein he was featured naked and passing by a school. He was then surrounded by the police but still, he behave violently with the Police officer and then he got apprehended. The 6’6″ and 295 pounds athlete was arrested for exposing his private parts in public. Get more information on Malik McDowell charged and arrested.

Malik McDowell Arrested Video In Florida Viral Online Twitter Why Was He Arrested?

According to the latest updates, Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested and sent to Broward County Jail but bailed with $27,000 on Tuesday night. But on Wednesday another video of the McDowell started circulating all over the Internet wherein he is behaving normally in a public gym but an hour earlier he was arrested by the police officer as he was strolling around a school without wearing clothes when Police officers came to her he acted violently with police officers.

Malik McDowell Arrested Video Explained

The NFL player was arrested on Monday strolling naked near a school Monday and set free on of $27,000 bond on Tuesday after he was charged for aggravated battery with a police official and dining the officer with behaving violently and exposing his private parts in public. His lawyer said that his client was under the influence of drugs by someone, but the statement of the police officer is completely different. The police officer says that he wasn’t intoxicated when he attacked the police officer. All of his videos and images are surfacing all over the Internet and people are giving shocking reactions to this shameful act of the NFL player.

A day after he was released on bond he occurred in CCTV footage in the gym as we mentioned above he was behaving casually along with other people in the gym and even sharing hugs. Earlier to this, the NFL player was detained by the police authority in 2019 for DUI and assaulting police in Michigan and convicted by law enforcement.

Now, again the 25 years old native said went next door to a hotel he was staying in Deerfield Beach, Florida to take a shower. The player the walking around naked an hour later and beat a police officer. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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