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Hello all the entertainment lovers, finally, the moment has come for which all of you have been eagerly waiting for. Yes, you heard right, ULLU is ready to release the most awaited Arshi Khan Starrer web show called, Hotspot (Mail Trail). Since the makers made an announcement the curiosity of the people has reached up to the next level because for a very long this series was remained the hot discussion among everyone and finally, the makers have decided to drop it. Now everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details such as release date & time, spoiled, review, preview, star cast, etc. 

mail trail hotspot

So the Hotspot (Mail Trail) is being released by the makers on 25th January 2022 officially, in short, only a few hours are left in the broadcasting. So just be ready to catch it, but before anything, you must make sure that your subscription to the app should be required to watch it, and if you did not get it yet, you can purchase it from the app as it is not costly enough. Because without it you will not be able to even access the app so watching is beyond the thing, hence purchase the subscription first.

When it comes to the spoiler, in the main lead you will be seen Arshi Khan as she is playing the role of the journalist, who has been fed up with her boss as he always stares at her. But besides this, she decides to make sure her job as well while doing such things against him as well because of which, her boss could not even dare to fire her from the post. But she does not tell this to anyone, as she mentioned that time will unleash everything, in short, you are going to become the witness of a suspenseful story.

Mail Trail Star Cast

It is being said, that the series is not releasing only in Hindi while it is releasing in other languages too such as English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada. In short, everyone will get the chance to watch it, under their convenience, because it is not necessary that everyone should be acquainted with all languages. Even the promo of the series fetched enough likes on significant video streaming apps, this is the reason the expectation of everyone is getting enhanced, so let’s see will the series live up to the expectation of everyone or something different happens with it.

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