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Maida Vale Deaths: Who Was Yasmin Chkaifi? Man Killed Her Was Wanted by Police



In the early days of the ongoing month of January when a man allegedly tried to the driver of the car at the time he was attacking his ex-wife with a knife. The suspect of the crime named Leon McCaskre who was 41 years old is on a run after killing her ex-wife named Yasmin Chkaifi who was 43 years old. The tragic and deadly incident took place in Maida Vale, west London, on Monday. The law enforcement is still chasing the person and stated the accused of the murder wanted. Get more information on Maida Vale deaths and the man who killed Yasmin Chkaifi.

Yasmin Chkaifi

According to the latest updates issued by the police officials, the man helped without bail that was issued on 4 January and didn’t arrive in the court on the hearing. The accused McCaskre was alleged with the breaching charges and temporary stalking protection order. Along with that Ms Chakaifi told one of her friends two years ago she would die by her former husband and her words come true this year. The case garnered enormous attention from the audience and now people are learning about the accused.

Who Was Yasmin Chkaifi?

Adele-Sara Richard released a statement wherein she was sharing some of the crucial information she received from Ms Chkaifi whom she knows as Yaz contacted her in April in 2020 and said that the accused had installed cameras in her house and was recording her for months. Richard further disclosed that the culprit even hacked the access of her phone and mails. He even had a reach in her personal data. “I think he will kill me. I’ve tried everything.” The magistrate of the court heard the complete statements Richard and also declared her decision.

As per the decision of Westminster Magistrates’ court declared on 4th January wherein it barricaded the accused to make any kind of physical meeting with Mc Chkaifi. Along with that, he was also restricted by the court to contact her through any modes of communication including phone, mail, and any kind of social media platform.

The Police officers then affirmed that the accused stabbed and killed Ms Chkaifi in a broad daylight on Chippenham Road and was hit by a car which was driving by a 26 years old man who was arrested on suspicion of murder and assumed to get bailed until late February. We will get back to you with more information soon. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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