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Lauren Orlando Dead Or Alive? After Accident Check Video Footage What Happened To Her?



Lauren Orlando, whose death had garnered a lot of attention, has come to the headlines again. Orlando had died three months ago after meeting with a tragic accident. Now, after some time, the personality has again occupied all the top trends as netizens are waiting for an update on the case. For those unversed, Lauren died in an accident on November 6, 2021. As per reports, her car was hit by a driver who fled the scene soon after. Now, after all these months, netizens seem to search for the latest update in the case. Check details here.

Lauren Orlando death

It has already been mentioned Lauren Orlando died on Nov 6, last year. Reports claim that a black 2015 Dodge Challenger two-door having the license plate “B4MSF” had hit Lauren’s vehicle has resulted in her passing. Before the driver can be interrogated, he fled away leaving no traces behind in downtown Orlando. Well, let us tell you that the authorities are still searching for the suspect of the case and are trying to collect shreds of evidence too. However, no information regarding the suspect has come to the front yet. The only thing that is known is the man’s car license plate.

Who Was Lauren Orlando?

According to the reports, Lauren Orlando died as she had sustained life-threatening injuries. After the accident happened, she was immediately taken to the hospital to get proper treatment which is located near the Orange County History Museum. It was stated that she had gotten some serious injuries that ultimately resulted in her death. According to the investigators, the accident took place around 1 AM and was so tragic that Lauren could not survive. It is also coming forward that Lauren Orlando was an adopted child. Yes, Sherri Winston, Orlando’s mother, has adopted her and had raised her well.

It is no doubt that Lauren Orlando’s death has shocked everyone. Be it her family or friends, everyone seems to be in extreme pain. The fact that she has not gotten justice yet has resulted in huge outrage among the family and netizens. They have been demanding justice for Lauren Orlando and are urging the officers to do a thorough investigation in the case so that the driver who hit her car can be caught and given punishment. Lauren’s mother had stated that she just wants the driver to surrender as her daughter did not deserve the untimely death. We will update you on the case after getting more information.

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