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Jury Finds Theodore Edgecomb Guilty In Holton Street Bridge Homicide Case: Trial Video



Theodore Edgebomb has been found guilty by a jury and has been charged with 1st-degree homicide in the shooting of Jason Cleereman, immigration lawyer, near Holton and Brady Street in September 2020. Yes, the jury has finally reached a verdict as they convicted Edgebomb. For those unversed, the 32-year-old man was accused of shooting Cleereman to death. As the news came out, Jason Cleereman’s family released a statement. The family including Jason wife Evangeline and his children Jack and Amelia thanked the jury for their service and verdict and also thanked the prosecutors and police for working hard to solve the case.

Jury Finds Theodore Edgecomb Guilty

Source: NBC26

On another side, Edgebom’s legal team also went on to issue a statement on Wednesday night after the verdict came out. They stated that despite having worked tirelessly to exonerate Edgebomb, the verdict was disappointing for their team. The team added that they tried to prove that Theodore act in self-defence and called the case a complex one as many concerns were raised throughout the trial. Talking about the verdict, the jury began deliberating before 2 PM on Wednesday and at 3:30 PM, they came back with a question round. Later, they asked to show the surveillance video.

The judge allowed the jury to go through the video once again and not much time passed when the jury announced that they have reached a verdict. As per reports, Theodore is charged with first-degree reckless homicide. However, the prosecutors enhanced the charge to be “first-degree intentional homicide” at trial. Prosecutors stated that the evidence clearly shows that Edgebomb intentionally killed Jason Cleereman right in his face. It was said by Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Grant Huebner that the defendant was aware when he shot the victim that it will result in his death.

According to the reports, the horrific incident took place in September 2020 near Holton and Brady Streets. A heated argument led Theodore to punch Cleereman when he was sitting in his car’s passenger seat. After punching him, Edgebomb ran on his bike while Cleereman in his SUV car followed him. Later, Cleereman stepped out of his car and walked towards Edgebomb. It is reported that Edgebomb started a fight first and then pulled out his gun to kill the man having no weapon with him, standing in front of him. Now, Theodore Edgebomb has been found guilty in the shooting case. Follow for the latest updates on the case.

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