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Jody L3aked Twitter Video and Who Is Iusethisforph? Frog In Girl Maggot Viral Clip Video




On social media daily one name grabs headlines and continuing the ritual a new name has been grabbing headlines for the last few days. Yes, we are talking about Iusethisforph also trending as Jody Leaked Twitter video. However, here we will let you know about the complete video what the clip actually looks like, and also what is in it that is hitting the internet on fire. Before heading towards the video we would like to let you know that it is the same video we have told before.

Jody Leaked Twitter

Well, as you all know back in 2021 a video was getting viral where a lady was surviving with labor pain and the scariest thing about the pain is, the lady was not having a baby in her womb but a frog that was later pulled out from her vu!va by her own husband. In the video, you could see how the lady is groaning due to the pain and it becomes more horrific when not a human but a dead frog was pulled out from her vu!va by her husband. However, her husband did not pull that out quickly but that was done in such a decent manner because it was his wife who was suffering from the pain of having a dead frog inside her genitals.

Now you must be thinking that where is the account and where you can watch the video of a frog coming out of a female genital. So, we would like to let you know that the account has been suspended on Twitter but it is available on Reddit because we only searched there. In the clip, you can see how clearly the video is filmed and you will get the complete info about the clip once you watched the viral video.

There is no doubt that it was one of the most strange things you will ever watch on social media but as you all know we all are living on the planet and anything can happen here, after the video went viral some of the people are linking the incident with rituals that somebody must have done something kind of black magic on the girl and perhaps that frog was inserted in her vu!va and after when she started observing the pain her husband pulled that out.

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