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Isabel Elizabeth Francis Singapore: Husband Arrested in Ang Mo Kio flat Facebook



Relation between husband and wife is so precious among the rest of the relations in the world. Many of the authors or the poets said that marriage is the precious and purest gift given by a god, as two different souls use to be live together and they have that capability to understand each other and live a whole life with love. But David Brown Chowk Kwok-Hun proved it wrong. As he is alleged of killing his wife.

Isabel Elizabeth Francis Singapore

Isabel Elizabeth Francis Facebook Singapore

He brokes all the positive claims, about the pureness of husband and wife relations by killing his wife. A 33-year-old is now facing the murder charges of his wife and this news is scattering on the internet, also making the headlines on the media networks worldwide. His wife was 3 years younger than him as she was just 30. He attempted this horrible and heart-shivering crime at their resident “Ang Mo Kio Street 23 Flat.” We all know very well that the mornings of the couple started with a good morning kiss and hug, but David killed her wife early in the morning around 7 am. He murdered his wife on January 11, Tuesday.

Neighbors of the couple claim that “they heard the screaming sound of David’s wife.” Hence this is proof that he attacked her this is why she screams like that. After having a sound of scream the neighbors used to inform the police at the same time and just an hour ago they reached the spot. And were get shocked to say that a lady isn’t responding as she was attacked and in bloodstains.

Who is David Brown Chowk Kwok-Hun?

David Brown Chowk Kwok-Hun is a director and a chief executive of a KnowledgeTree Training Center which is a security training center. He even is a director of a technical institute that provides physical and cyber security services, named EvolveTec.

His wife was Isabel Elizabeth Francis, they tied a knot on December 28, 2019, she was a law degree holder. They were shifted to Ang Mo Kio flat together. As per the sources she was three months pregnant and David was so rude and harsh that he killed two lives.

She was working at Deliveroo as an assistant manager. Police stated that they were getting a call at 7:35 am and then they used to an incident spot. Nothing is cleared yet, why did he kill his wife? What was the reason behind killing his wife? The police are investigating the matter deploy till then you guys must have to keep some patience.

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