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Is Zayn Malik on a Dating App? Viral Video Buzzing Around Social Media



Zayn Malik is remaining the subject of hot discussion among the users regarding his relationship status, as reportedly he spotted on the dating app. Now his admirers and other users are keen to get the comprehensive details behind the step that it is just a one-time appearance or he has associated with such significant dating apps to find his partner of him. Numerous remarks have been taken place on social media along with some questions that ” Zayn Malik Is on a dating app or not?” so below you could get the complete details behind the news.

Zayn Malik on dating app

As per the exclusive reports or sources, recently a video was spotted on social media which is being circulated massively like a wildfire, in short, it would not be inappropriate to pronounce that his video is getting viral. In which, it is clearly appearing that a bearded man along with the username Zed is taking rounds on the entire internet. The viral video has fetched plenty of views but the question is the same that what is the need to take such a step towards associating with a dating app, at the same time, a few are are unleashing their remarks that there is no wrong to use such apps.

If further reports are to be considered, he actually created an account on the dating app as you can see in all the viral videos. There is an option of face recognition on the app, by which you can do it, above if there is some problem then it will not open, so Zain Malik also used facial recognition to access it, and later, his video went viral in which his bearded face os appearing. Therefore, everyone began to share such remarks on it, even still, their reaction is delivering.

As everyone is already familiar with the entire details of his relationship status, lately he went through a breakup with his long-term girlfriend called Gigi Hadid. Since his admirers got the news of their separation their shocking reaction came out because nothing was predicted, ads the extempore shared a statement that they decided to live their life separate without having any obstacles, even million of hearts got shattered too through their separation, but now again he came into the limelight while making his appearance on the app. So when something will come we would make you acquainted for sure.

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