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Is TikTok opening a restaurant? ‘TikTok Kitchens’ explained



TikTok is now making it easier than ever to test and try food crazes with the opening of their virtual restaurants.

Partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts, TikTok is now set to follow the ‘ghost kitchen’ trend and launch a delivery-based food service chain.

Here’s what we know…

Is TikTok opening a restaurant?

The short-form video app isn’t opening a restaurant per se, but rather a delivery service.

Titled ‘TikTok Kitchens’, TikTok is following the ‘ghost kitchen’ trend, meaning that they won’t have a physical storefront, but will operate delivery-only or drive-thru.

According to Insider, ‘TikTok Kitchens’ will initially operate out of national chain restaurants like Buca di Beppo and Bertucci’s, and will deliver across the United States.

In talks with Bloomberg, Virtual Dining Concepts President Robert Earl explained: “Look, you have a platform with a billion viewers monthly who are constantly engaged, as the numbers show.

“It’s the first time there’s a brand like this out there — an audience of hundreds of millions of people.”


What will ‘TikTok Kitchen’ serve?

TikTok’s latest business venture is set to serve food that went viral on the platform.

As per reports, foodies can expect to be able to order the likes of baked feta pasta, smash burgers, corn ribs, and pasta chips right to their doorstep.

The menu is set to be updated on a quarterly basis, in line with the ever-changing food trends on TikTok.

Likewise, proceeds from ‘TikTok Kitchen’ sales will go towards supporting the creators who inspired the menu items and food creators on the platform, according to a press release.

When will TikTok’s new venture launch?

We’re hungry just thinking about ‘TikTok Kitchen’, but we’ll have to wait until March 2022 for it to launch.

The venture is initially set to open with 300 locations across the US, though Virtual Dining Concepts said it’s aiming to have 1,000 locations opened by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, make sure you’re following TikTok’s socials to stay in the loop. We can’t wait!

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