Is Munmun Dutta Arrested? What Racial Slur TMKOC Babita Ji Used To Get Arrested? Charges Explained!

After a long, once again TMKOC (Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah) fame Munmun Dutta aka Babita Ji is making the headlines on social media, due to some controversies because recently some anonymous sources are claiming her arresting. Since the news occurred on social media it fetched the immense attention of the users, because Mummun Datta is a popular face of the industry, and if something regarding her arresting is coming to the fore, so it remains the hot discussion among everyone. Because now everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details along with some unknown facts about her.

Is Munmun Dutta Arrested? What Racial Slur TMKOC Babita Ji Used To Get Arrested? Charges Explained!

As per the exclusive reports or sources, in 2021 she has posted a video on social media through which she has passed such a derogatory remark to the forged group, which turned into the massive controversy later and became the cause of her defamation as well, as almost everyone unleashed their remarks at that time and asked her to apologizes to those whose feelings got hurt through her statement. But after a while, the issue got reduction but now again she is coming into the limelight through the same controversy, this is the reason her arresting news again popped out in such a manner.

Check Statement of Munmun Dutta

It is being reported, that after a year the statement issue is again catching the heat because of which, she could be arrested now. As far as we have concerned, everyone is acquainted with her statement, where she said ” I am coming to my YouTube Channel and all I want to look good, I do not want to be looking like B***gi”. As soon as her video got the heat up to the extent she had to face backlash as well because no one has a right to pass a remark on somebody’s caste or personal stuff as she has done.

As soon as her video caught the heat up to the extent, Whoever got her wrong statement, complained and requested the police to arrest her so that she can get punishment. Because it was inappropriate enough to pass a remark on someone’s caste on social media despite knowing that it is a worldwide platform where anything could get viral. So, therefore, now she could be taken into custody at any time due to her statement, so let’s see what will happen because yet a few reports are coming to the fore, so when we will get more we will update you. 

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