Is Fendii Dead or Still Alive? TikTok Star Fendii Death Hoax Rumours Explained Details!

Lots of controversies and even rumors are taking place on social media and people are also even believing these rumors before inquiry about this. Last day, netizens started to pay tribute to the well-known TikTok star.

Fendii Dead or Alive

The name of the TikToker is Fendi. He was a popular content creator and known for his amazing lip-sync videos on the platforms. Many fans got shocked after coming across a video on Fendii’s profile that claimed he was dead.

Is Fendii Dead or Still Alive?

According to the sources, the rumors related to Fendii’s death was started to gain netizens’ attention from the last two to three days. Fendii is well known TikTok start but actually, he is popular by his other username as @imfendii. He is running his account on TikTok and other social media platforms.

After the rumors related to his death started to gain attention, many people even paid tributes to him. Many people are keen to know what happened to him? Is he alive or dead? Well, we have to clear all the doubts of the people across the world and if you are eagerly waiting to know the reality behind these rumors. Keep reading this article.

According to the latest updates, Fendii is alive. Currently, he is fine and fit and living his life happily. Nothing happened to him. Since the rumors started to gain the attention of the audience, people started to send him messages, and later, he took the support of his social media accounts to reveal that nothing happened to him.

TikTok Star Fendii Death Hoax

He took the support of his Instagram account and wrote,” Imma go live later on TikTik and prove to y’all I’m not dead I just mean I won’t post quotes no more I might be happy in my TikTok & Youtube videos but behind the camera, life is stressful sometimes but I’ll never take my life away from my mind to strong for that I have a lot of life for”.

Through his latest post, he just revealed to his fans that he is still alive and the death post or videos were fakes. All the rumors started to spread from TikTok on Fendii’s profile consisting of his footage with an overlay text claiming he was dead. First, it seemed real because the video was shared through Fendii’s official account.

Later, TikTok start came ahead to share with his fans that nothing happened to him and he is alive. The star has more than 500,000 followers on his account and shares videos related to relationship advice. His every video gains almost 10 million likes.

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