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Is Dirty Money Behind Moti Kidnapping? Allegation Explained



This is the kidnapping case which is much like a Hollywood crime scene. There are four brothers who are kidnapped and the police were busy since long in their search. Here are some of the claims about this matter. And the four are Zia who is 15, Alaan who is 13, Zayyad who is 11, and Zidan Moti who is seven years old. And as per the sources before the kidnapper, picks the boys he used to be fired gunshots first.

Moti Kidnapping Dirty Money

Is Dirty money behind Moti kidnapping?

Moti Kids

Moti Kidnapping Dirty Money

As per the sources, the kidnappers have been asked for a ransom of Rs 50 million. Once the parents of the kids paid the ransom the detail was with the led. As per the sources, that is too close to the inquiry, the abduction took place in such a manner that is reminiscent of a Hollywood crime film. The family who shifted or immigrated to Dubai Denise to participate in the inquiry. It was just like a Hollywood crime scene. This was so horrifying the way it has been done.

Is Dirty money behind Moti kidnapping?

After this, the officials were involved in the search to find out them. They visited the family’s residence from where they have seized the gadgets which were during the pre-dawn raid. Boys were kidnapped on Wednesday 2 October 2021, while they were on their way to school. Thye was in a car and another car came which interrupts them in their way. In such a way the driver of the brother’s car was unable to move ahead. After this, he had been fired a gun in the air and successfully kidnapped the brothers. On January 10, the professor of law at the university, Ann Skelton, so that she has been aware of any of the laws to protect the victims.

On 9 January 2022, there has been a most successful application which had been fetched by Nazim Moti on the behalf of his kidnapped sons. He is a Polokamwe famous businessman and later has shifted to Dubai. The family members have been confirmed the sudden demise and they even requested the media to knot ask them any query to them at this time. So right now no members of the family are ready to face the media as they are at the most disheartening stage of their life.

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