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Is AJ Ferrari Dead or Still Alive? Oklahoma State Wrestler AJ Ferrari Car Accident Death Hoax Updates!



Recently, another car accident news has surfaced on the internet in which Oklahoma State wrestling’s defending national champion, AJ Ferrari involved. The accident happened on Monday evening. Let us also tell you that the news of the wreck first became public when Ferrari’s father posted on Facebook, “Everyone please get down on your knees and prays for AJ Jr.

aj ferrari accident

I has no details but he is stuck in a bad wreck”. There are numerous people continuously searching to know some more information related to this matter. His father took to Facebook and give some important details related to his health.

Is AJ Ferrari Dead or Still Alive?

Talking about the message, his father shared “He has fluid in his lungs that is affecting his oxygen levels and some bad bruising with some internal bleeding, so they are keeping him here. If you saw the car and AJ, you would know this was a miracle. Thank you to the Medics and police for their care. I am so thankful to our great and powerful God.

All praise to Him! I sincerely thank everyone who prayed for AJ and reached out. Please continue to pray for Isai and AJ’s oxygen levels to get back to normal, the removal of the fluid on his lung, and the internal bleeding to stop”.

Some sources claimed that he was transported by LifeNet to Stillwater Medical. Along with it, some sources also stated that he got an internal trunk, arm, leg, and head injuries. Let us also tell you that Oklahoma State athletics verified that Ferrari was not alone when he met with an accident.

AJ Ferrari Death Hoax

He was with Rodriguez and the accident happened when they both were returning to Stillwater after visiting a youth wrestling practice in Cushing. The statement also stated that Ferrari was transported to Oklahoma City by Helicopter.

After arriving in Oklahoma City, he is liable and his injuries are not life-threatening. Let us also tell you that Perkins Fire Chief Joe Barta was also reached to the spot at 9:30 PM. He assured that his division was called to the two-car smash about three miles east of Perkins on State Highway 33 soon after 8 PM.

Let us also tell you that one car was already burning and the person inside the car was removed possibly by bystanders. Now, the news of AJ Ferrari Accident has already taking lots of rounds on the internet and many people are talking about it.

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