How did Kathryn Kates die? American Actress Dies At 73 Check Cause of Death?

We are devastated to report the sudden passing of Kathryn Kates. It is coming forward that the popular actress died on January 22 in Florida and was just 73 at the time of her death. Confirming the saddening piece of news, Headline Talent Agency issued an official statement saying that Kates had been their client for several years and they have grown close to her last year after coming to know about her cancer returning. The Agency further said that Kathryn was a wise and brave person who approached every single role with great passion.

Kathryn Kates

After the news was shared, numerous people took to social media to console her death. Be it celebrities or the general public, everyone seemed to mourn her death and pay her sincere tributes. Besides, people also searched for Kathryn Kates cause of death online. Well, the talent agency has confirmed that the actress died of cancer. However, what kind of cancer she had been suffering from is not disclosed yet.

Kathryn Kates Death Cause?

An official statement is still awaited from her family members and friends. It is also not revealed if she was hospitalized or was at home in her final moments. It is being reported that Kathryn Kates has left behind her sister named Mallory Kates who is an entrepreneur and her brother named Joshua who is a psychotherapist. Born in New York, the American actress had appeared in numerous films and shows and had managed to establish herself in the entertainment industry.

The actress started her career in Los Angeles and became one of 25 actors to have founded the Colony Theatre. With the help of her colleagues, Kates produced some award-winning stage productions. The theatre existed from 1975 to 1981. She produced various company’s plays with the co-general manager, Barbara Beckley. Kathryn Kates portrayed a recurring role in “Orange Is the New Black”, a Netflix series. The actress played the mother of Jason Biggs while in another show on CBS titled “Gurland on Gurland”, she was the main lead.

Apart from it, Kates received the maximum recognition for her role in the popular American television sitcom “Seinfeld”. It was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and was premiered on July 5, 1989. It ran over nine seasons and had almost 180 episodes. She also appeared in the Disney series titled “Lizzie McGuire” and got an appreciation for her work. Kathryn will forever be remembered by her fans and loved ones. May her soul rest in peace!

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