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How Did Gregory Ashmore Die? Melbourne Man Died After Fight With MND Check CCTV Footage



A name has been revolving all over the Internet. Many people are searching for the man and want to know the reason behind his death. Yes, a Melbourne man decided to end his life after he was permitted under Victoria’s assisted dying laws.

How Did Gregory Ashmore Die

According to the sources, a person named Gregory Ashmore has shared a message through his Facebook account after he passed away. After his passing, the post has started to circulate on all the social media pages including Twitter. The post was nothing but heartbreaking to read.

Who Was Gregory Ashmore?

In the post, the 50-years-old man wrote that because of MND, he is tired of living and he has decided to take control over the beast which is motor neuron disease.

He added,” the illness has intruded their lives for the final 18 months and with the assist of his husband and youngsters, he has give you thoughts of ending his struggling and has taken the voluntary assisted dying”.

After his death, the post was shared all over the Internet and many people paid tribute to him and expressed their deep condolence. He must be a nice person. Now, many individuals are searching for him and want to know that who was he? So, here are some details available on social media.

What Was Gregory Ashmore Cause of Death?

According to the sources, the post started to share from a FB page. Gregory Ashmore closed his eyes on Monday, January 24, 2022. He was terminally ailing as he was affected by ALS/MND. Now, many people are searching for that which kind of disease is this? So, let us tell you that MND stands for Motor Neurone Illness which is really unusual situation because it directly impacts the nervous system and mind. This disease kills the person from inside.

There is no treatment of this disease and the person will have to go through this illness in his entire life. While, ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Now, the family of Gregory has managed a fundraising page to struggle MND the place the general public can donate.

The family of Gregory appealed to people to donate as the quantity. Let us tell you that Victoria has become the first state of Australia to ratify euthanasia laws on November 29, 2017. Now, the whole family is depressed after losing their beloved family member. Gregory Ashmore will be remembered by his family and friends.

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