How Did Brian Hughes? ‘Godfather of Manchester boxing’ Cause Of Death?

Social media is witnessing an outpour of tributes as Brian Hughes death has been announced. He was a legendary boxing trainer who was popularly known as the ‘Godfather of Manchester boxing’. As per the sources, Brian passed away on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at the age of 81. It is no doubt that his fans and well-wishers have gotten devastated after learning about his sudden demise and have been taking to social media to express their sadness on the same. Amidst this, Brian Hughes cause of death has also become a subject of interest.

Brian Hughes Manchester boxer

Apart from that, the popular trainer died on Tuesday at 81, not much information is made available for the general public yet. So, it is still unknown how did he die. Mike Jackson came forward to share the disheartening news and after that announcement, plenty of people paid him tribute. Roy Cavanagh MBE took to Twitter to share a picture of the boxing legend and wrote that he is saddened to hear about his death and addressed him as a legend of a man for whom boxing was his passion. Roy added that the boxer’s talks and knowledge were inspirational.

Who Was Brian Hughes?

Speaking of Brian Hughes, he was born and brought up in Collyhurst. He went on to form Collyhurst Lads Club in 1964 using Army kit bags which was stuffed with old clothes that he used as punch bags at a community centre. After he founded the club, several youngsters took a great interest in that and joined it afterwards. Later, a boxing squad along with football teams were formed.

Within a couple of years, Brian’s club witnessed plenty of national schoolboys who won national junior ABA titles. The club began to produce a long line of international and national fighters. However, in 1970, the club was demolished. Despite it getting demolished, Brian made sure that the boxing section continue to go. He even opened a gym which was located above the Co-op on Lightbowne Road in Moston.

From there, Hughes started achieving milestones as his club produced various World boxing champions and British, European fighters. In 2011, the trainer finally took his retirement after giving more than four decades in the sports. He had once said that he feels he has devoted his life to the club and unfortunately the journey ended one day. Brian Hughes wished all the champions he produced through his club good luck in future. RIP Brian Hughes!

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