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Hannah Price Cause Of Death Revealed: Chris Daughtry Confirms Stepdaughter’s Death Reason



One of the controversial murder cases of Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter is still trending all over the Internet. The main cause of the surfacing of the case on the web is it has been concluded by the official lately. It again started fetching the attention of the audience when Daughtry’s family released statements on the cause of her death. The 42 years old musician’s family recently disclosed some of the shocking truth about their stepdaughter Hannah Price who died in strange circumstances and collected enormous attention on the Internet. Obtain more information on Hanna Price death cause.

Hannah Price Cause Of Death Revealed: Chris Daughtry Confirms Stepdaughter's Death Reason

According to the latest reports, Chris Daughtry’s daughter Hannah Price died two months ago on 12 November 2021 in Fentress County, Tennessee. She was 25 at the time of her death. Initially, there were numerous assumptions and rumourous surfacing on the Internet speculating about the cause and circumstances of death. Some of the theories even claimed that she was died by homicide. But the latest statement of Daughtry’s family proves all the theories wrong. The family stated that the family is now able to share all the information after the completion of the investigation by the Police authority.

Hannah Price Cause Of Death Revealed By Family

As per one of the statements released by the family reads that “Our beloved Daughter Hannah Price Passed away on November 12th, 2021.” The statement continues after which many theories circulated across the web. The family unveiled those facts and said that her daughter died by suicide because of drugs addiction. The family also shared that Hanna was struggling because of the mental illness with which she had been diagnosed in her early age. She was being regularly underwent many therapies and treatment centers in the past.

The family further says as Hanna grew older she started using drugs and became addicted to regular drug consumption due to which she often found herself in abusive relationships. It is also informed that Hanna was shot in the face after some months her biological father died. He also died by committing suicide.

They admired Hannah and says that she was a humble, generous, and a caring person and tried everything to provide her with a happy and stable life but in vain each time. The family also urged all the people whose loved ones are suffering from mental health or drug addiction to seek help immediately. They also provide confidential assisting resources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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