Geylang Car Accident: 1 dead as car catches fire

Driver dies in rental car place after blaze after crash in Carpark, A Driver died who was trapped in a rented blaze car that caught fire after the collapse in the car parking zone on January 07 Friday.  The car collapse in an open Carpark at block 42 Cassia Crescent next to the Police post of Geylang. Madam Ter a resident of the block noticed white smoke filling in the air at noon when she was at home. Madam Ter and her husband went downstairs, Where they saw a white color Mazada 3 car crash in the parking zone. The car was crashed from the front side car’s bonnet was crashed and it was not ablaze at the point but white smoke come out from the car.

Geylang Car Accident

Geylang Car Accident

Madam Ter said: At this time we were not sure if someone was still in the car, so they kept knocking on the window because they can’t see inside the car because its cabin was filled with smoke. when she and her husband heard something from the car they realise there was someone still in the car. She asked her husband to call the police and she went from there and go upstairs to the neighbors Mr. Wilkinson Tan asked for help. Mr. Wilkinson Tan, 47-year-old man Who is the sales manager and the neighborhood of Madam Ter. He said Madam Ter come to me and said pail full of water on flames for extinguishing the car.

Mr. Tan said a police officer had tried to pull the driver out of the car But not succeed.

Before the firefighters arrived the fire lasted for 20 minutes. The fire extinguishes at 3.40 pm.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force(SCDF) officer announced the driver is dead.

The car was rented from I rent -you2 on Carousell. A car rental company.

Mr. Ong Company’s operations manager got a call from the police the said your car was involved in the incident. when I rushed to the site.

So there are many of the questions getting to be searched on the web regards the same. So the answers to your question are going to be unveiled later as they are into the preliminary investigations. Until they themselves aren’t revealed the reports.

Now, police said we are investigating, but did not get any information based on preliminary investigations.

Stay tuned to get the update on the same.

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