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Full video link: Who is ceetoowavyyy on Twitter – Ceetoowavy Twitter video of Robbery Sparks outrage at Social media



Ceetoowavyyy Twitter video: A video shared by a Twitter user shows Two robbers shooting a man (Eric Harrison, 21) after getting what they needed. Ceetoowavyyy Twitter video of robbery goes viral on social media and sparks outrage.

If you were recently on TikTok and Facebook, you’ve might seen people talking about ceetoowavyyy Twitter account and the video of robbery shared by this Twitter user. Many people are still curious to know who is Ceetoowavyyy on Twitter and what the viral video is all about.

Ceetoowavy Twitter account and viral Robbery Video

Ceetoowavy, known by his account handle @ceetoowavyyy is a Twitter user with few hundred followers. He joined Twitter in August 2019 and his bio shows that he hails from Texas, United States.

The user often shares videos and pictures of unique incidents which may pull the attention of other social media users.

On January 25, 2022, Ceetoowavy posted a Screenshot of a video which shows a robbery in progress. Although, the Screenshot doesn’t give a clear sense of robbery, he wrote in the caption: “Man what a crucial world we live in 😔😪.”

He shared this screenshot on his other social media pages such as Facebook and his Instagram page. The Screenshot pulled the attention of the people on Facebook and TikTok and they began asking him to upload the original video.

Later on January 28, 2022, Ceetoowavy shared the original video of the robbery on his @ceetoowavyyy Twitter account.

The Video shows the moment 21-year-old Eric Harrison was shot to death in front of his home in St. Helena Parish.

Ceetoowavy’s Twitter video shows two men, armed with handguns, asking a woman that she give them the bag of money otherwise they would shoot her husband, Eric Harrison, who can be seen laying on the ground while one robber aiming the gun at him.

The video further shows that woman throws the bag towards them and asks them to leave her man. But sadly both men began shooting at the man on the ground and leave in their car. At the end of the video, a police car can be seen following the burglars which later became the murderers after Eric Harrison announced dead.

It was confirmed that 21-year-old eric died before arriving any medical help.

The video, posted by Ceetoowavy Twitter user, was filmed by ring door camera and it can be found on Ceetoowavy Twitter page by link here. Viewers discretion is advised

But the video has sparked an outrage on social media.

After being uploaded on Twitter, the purported video has gained over 30,000 views as of now and people are reacting to the video with outrage and grieving responses.

Reacting to the Ceetoowavyyy Twitter video, one Twitter user wrote: “They got what they wanted and still k*ll*d up sh*t crazy what even in the bag?”

“Police just chilling in the back the whole time?” Wrote another.

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