Full video Link: Gia thị linh tiktok video | Tiktoker Gia Thị Linh và lùm xùm “trà xanh” cực căng

Recently, a Tiktoker Gia Thi Linh was directly accused of being “small tam“. Specifically, a Facebook account named HL posted a status that clearly stated that her husband had an affair with hot girl Gia Thi Linh – also an ex-lover even though he had not yet divorced his wife.

Gia thị linh tiktok | clip gia thị linh

Gia Thi Linh and HL’s husband often make virtual review clips, travel together and lie to their wives that they are on business trips. Even the wife discovered sensitive clips of this couple.

Currently, Gia Thi Linh’s side has not had any feedback, so it is not clear what the truth is, this is still only one-way information.

She completely blocked comments on her 1.8 million followers Tiktok account.”In4″ by Gia Thi Linh also quickly became a highly searched keyword.

Who is Gia Thi Linh – the “top” idol who specializes in making “swinging” clips with her ex-lover who is being actively searched by people.

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