Full video link: Diana Di Meo private Videos Go viral On Twitter and Reddit, Referee responds on Instagram

Diana Di Meo’s Private videos l3aked on Twitter and Reddit and she decided to respond in Instagram video: Blackmailed for some private videos that would have ended up in the wrong hands. Bad luck for the 22-year-old Diana Di Meo, soccer referee of the Pescara section, who has decided to report everything on social media.

Diana Di Meo Leaked Video
Image source:Twitter by Diana Di Meo Le@ked Video

According to details, Various private pictures and videos of Italian football referee “Diana Di Meo” le@ked onto Twitter and Reddit. According to the victim Diana De Meo, the le@ked videos and pictures of her were obtained from her iCloud account after an unidentified hacker hacked into her phone.

After looking into Reddit, we Found that more than a dozen of private pictures and videos of Diana Di Meo are being circulated onto Reddit.

Diana Di Meo leaked pictures on Reddit
Screenshot of a Reddit post showing leaked photos of Diana Di Meo. For the privacy of the Referee, we made the Screenshot blurred so nobody could reveal her

All of purported pictures and videos of Diana Di Meo were shared on Reddit during past six months. However, Diana Di Meo has finally decided to respond.

Diana Di Meo, 22-year-old football referee of the Pescara section, reported on Instagram that she was a victim of revenge p0rn. “They are shooting my private videos on social networks such as Telegram and Whatsapp, videos not shared by me and some facts without my knowledge.

“Obviously I filed a complaint, they are tracking down the culprits and those involved in sharing the videos, because this is also a crime under the red code, “she said in her Instagram video.

“I found out about these videos thanks to some guys. I denounced everything on social media to make myself stronger, because I had been locked in the house for two days. I thank all the boys and girls who are writing to me from all over Italy – she continued -.

“It is a situation that I do not wish on anyone, I am trying to resist but not everyone succeeds: we must report these videos and the people who continue to share these things ». Finally: “I’m here to talk about it, many of us can’t do it and hide, I hope to give a voice to all those victims who are blamed, when in reality the culprit is on the other side of the screen, who resumes or ‘yes just share. Today the victim is me, tomorrow it could be a person close to those who maybe now are watching the videos and smiling “.

Diana Di Meo: “I thank Priscilla Salerno for the closeness”

Even the hardcore actress Priscilla Salerno , who has long denounced the risks of revenge porn, has moved to give her a hand .

” She was nice and gave me hope. Let’s see together what we can do. Others from the world of entertainment and some players called me to express their closeness “, says Diana, who – as she wrote herself – hopes ” to give a voice to all those victims who are blamed, when in reality the culprit is on the other side of the screen, who resumes or ‘just shares’. Today the victim is me, tomorrow it could be a person close to who maybe now he’s watching the videos and smiling , it’s never the victim’s fault, remember that“.

The young referee does not know how it happened (” I didn’t send them. I’m afraid someone has hacked cell phone, my i-Cloud “) but she is living” incredible days. There are those who condemn me, those who exaggerate, there are bad comments – he still tells ‘Il Pezzo Impertinente’ – . Fortunately, many express solidarity to me. Then everyone has their own ideas. Just be polite and respectful, I don’t judge anyone “.

Video: Diana Di Meo twitter Videos explained

Diana Di Meo is a young Italian football referee. And now she is rejecting that none of her private videos are available on the Internet. But thousands of her followers are not denying the fact about her private pictures and videos because most of them have found the pictures and videos on Reddit.

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