Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date and Time Spoilers Alert

Premiered on January 9, 2022, HBO’s Euphoria Season 2 has remained the hot topic. Zendaya starrer series has managed to grab the attention of the viewers and that is the reason why it has been continuously trending on the internet. The makers have telecasted three episodes so far which has entertained the fans enough. The ending of episode 3 has caused the viewers to worry about Rue as they are wondering if Rue will become a drug dealer now. Besides, the fans are also eagerly waiting for the episode 4 release date. Check upcoming episode details here.

Euphoria Season 2 episode 4

After the fourth episode gets released, the story will reach the halfway point of the season. It will lead the relationship among the characters to build in a different way as the story will take a different direction. It is no doubt that the viewers will get to see development in all of the characters. The one thing that is grabbing the most attention is the relationship between Rue and Elliot. People do believe that something is going between them. However, Jules is also there to spice up things. As mentioned above, Rue will be shown becoming a functioning addict.

The promo which has been released by the creators shows that the upcoming episode will feature things related to truth or dare. Well, it is no doubt that the section will lead to numerous problems in the characters’ lives. Besides, it is also a question that what will happen between Cassie and Nate. As Maddy was shown expressing her feelings, it might complicate the story even further. Well, mainly the season will serve how much fluidity a relationship holds as it can easily change within days or even minutes. Apart from this, it is expected that a lot of backstory moments will be seen as well.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 which is titled “You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can” will hit the platform on January 30, 2022. In the released trailer, it is shown that Rue opens her suitcase which is filled with drugs. Well, this is not for her personal use as she will be distributing it among others. Besides, the trailer also gives a hint of possible character death. It will be really fascinating to watch the forthcoming episode releasing this Sunday. The viewers are already anticipating the release of the episode so it is no doubt, it will get a lot of views and engagement.

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