England Rugby Star Arrested: Who Is England Rugby International Player Arrested? Revealed

England International rugby star is currently in the talk of the town and facing serious allegations due to his bad conduct. As per the latest report, an England rugby union player has been apprehended on suspicion of the rape of a teen. The player, who can’t be named for legal reasons was handcuffed and away by the investigating officers, which was conducted on Sunday following the report of an attack at a nightclub the day prior.

England Rugby Star Arrested

England Rugby Star Arrested

As soon as the case was reported, He was apprehended, and a 41-year-old lady was also held on suspicion of administrating a matter with intent to cause a sexual offense. Both have been released on bail whereas investigators continue their investigations. It is believed that the accused victim had planned to get a taxi home with companions, but instead accepted a lift from the rugby player. He is accused to have driven her to a property that was far from the city center where they stayed for the whole night. The next morning, at 11:00 AM, the owner of the home discovered the girl in a confused state and telephoned 999.

England Rugby Star Arrested

A watcher stated that: “2 cops cars and a van turned up and blocked the entire road. They were here for quite a few hours. Then we watched a very costly-looking car being loaded onto a recovery truck and taken off. The cops were being very confidential about the matter.” An automobile taken away from the scene has been investigated by forensic officers. Investigators working investigation have also visited the nightclub and were watching the CCTV footage to get the clues.

Who Is The Rugby Player Arrested

A mouthpiece of police stated that: “Officers were called instantly prior to 11:00 AM on Sunday, 9th January 2022 to a report of a sexual assault on a girl. A girl in her late teens was described to have been sexually assaulted. A man was apprehended on suspicion of rape and a lady was apprehended on suspicion of administering a matter with intent to cause a sexual offense. The twosome has since been released on bail as inquiries are still going on and a number of lines of inquiry are being followed up by the investigators.

England Rugby Star Arrested

A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines currently that is about an England Rugby star. Yes, we are talking about an England Rugby star who has been arrested after being accused of rapping a teenage girl. This news has been going viral on the internet and also making the headlines everywhere. The netizens have been reacting to the news and sharing their opinion regarding the matter. However, the identity of the players is not revealed yet. The police authorities have been investigating the case. In this article, you will get all the information related to this matter so stay tuned.

England Rugby International Arrested

On Sunday, Police officials were called by a member of the public concerned about the welfare of the woman. The police responded to the incident spot immediately where they handcuffed the star whose is not been revealed yet due to some legal reasons. It was reported that the player was partying at the nightclub in Manchester city center on Saturday night. It has been said that the teenage victim decided to call a taxi to go home with her friends instead of accepting a lift from the England Rugby star.

England Rugby Star Arrested

The player was charged for taking the girl to the property that is located away from the city center where they stayed for the whole night. The next morning around 11 am, the owner of the house discovered the girl in a painful condition and called 999. The star was detained on suspicion of rapping the girl. Meanwhile, the victim was questioned by the specially trained officers. A watcher said that two police cars and a van came and blocked the road. The officials were there for a few hours. Later, the public over there saw a luxurious car being loaded onto a recovery truck and taken off. The police seemed tight-lipped about whatever happened.

Who Is England Rugby Player Arrested

The seized car from the spot was examined by the forensic officers. The police officers have been working on the case and also went to the nightclub where the player partied and watched the CCTV footage. A spokesperson from the Greater Manchester Police stated, “Officers were called shortly before 11 am on Sunday 9th January to a report of a sexual assault on a female.” Currently, the player has been released on bail. We will update our readers soon with further information regarding the case till then stay connected with us for more updates.

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