Eight Negative Health Consequences Of Prolonged Sitting

If you pay the bulk of your day sitting, you’ll be curious on whether or not prolonged sitting has several negative effects on the body.

Whereas sitting isn’t invariably a foul issue in and of itself, and may even be a sort of rest, the danger comes once one sits for long periods. this can be as a result of your body will comparatively very little physical activity while you’re sitting.

It’ virtually an equivalent drawback whether you spend long hours sitting reception taking part in video games, reading a book in a library, or acting at your workplace desk. the subsequent are a number of the issues which may emerge from prolonged sitting:

1. Heart problems.

Sitting for long periods raises the danger of heart disease. this can be because of a scarcity of acceptable blood flow to places corresponding to the legs. It conjointly has an impression on blood glucose and pressure level control. this might cause a attack or stroke within the future.

2. As a result, you’ll gain weight.

Sitting for long periods may cause accidental weight gain. this can be as a result of you’re additional doubtless to consume more calories during this manner. It conjointly inhibits the discharge of chemicals that aid within the breakdown of fats and complicated carbohydrates. consistent with a study, sitting for long periods might lead to a weight increase in the area (belly/waist area).

3. issues with the rear and Spine.

Sitting for long periods might hurt your back and spine. this can be because once you sit, you are ordinarily during a slouched position, that is unhealthy for your back. If you keep during this position for an extended time, it’s going to begin to impair your posture. {this could|this may} hurt your spine disc, inflicting chronic pain associate degreed alternative spine problems.

4. will increase the danger of cancer.

Sitting for long periods raises the risk of cancer, notably respiratory organ and colon cancer. New medical analysis has confirmed that one amongst the harmful health impacts of extended sitting is an accrued risk of cancer.

5. Shoulders and neck stiffness.

Sitting for long periods might develop stiffness in your neck and shoulders. this can be because of the posture you maintain whereas seated, notably if you’re employing a computer. it’s going to be tough for you to swivel your neck or move your shoulders as a results of this.

6. Weak Legs.

you’d supply your legs comparatively very little exercise if you spent most of your day sitting down. It might induce atrophy or the weakening of the muscles close the legs.

7. will Cause unhealthy Veins

Sitting for extended periods causes the impaired blood circulation within the legs. Your veins ought to work more durable to move blood to your heart whereas you sit. Swelling of the ankles, unhealthy veins, spider veins, and even blood clots, generally referred to as deep vein thrombosis, result from this (DVT).

8. Diabetic complications.

accrued risk of polygenic disease is another harmful consequence of extended sitting. Long periods of sitting, consistent with one study, could raise the danger of diabetes, notably among physically inactive adults.

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