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Don Maynard death – Obituary, Don Maynard Cause Of Death



Don Maynard death – Obituary, Don Maynard Cause Of Death: Hall of Famer and former New York Jets legend Don Maynard died Monday at the age of 86, the Canton, Ohio campus announced. On Monday, the Hall of Fame confirmed Maynard’s death through his family.

Maynard played a total of 15 seasons between the NFL and the NFL from 1958 to 1973, in addition to campaigning for the Canadian Football League. During his AFL-NFL career, he had 633 receptions for 11,834 yards, averaging 18.7 yards and 88 touchdowns per catch.

Don Maynard

After retiring, Maynard was one of three players to have at least 50 receptions and more than 1,000 yards for five consecutive seasons.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987.

Donald Rogers Maynard was born on January 25, 1935, in Crosbiton, Texas. His father was a manager of a cotton factory, which meant that he moved frequently. Maynard attended five high schools in Texas and New Mexico.

“We kept going, and I never really played football again until I was a senior in high school in Colorado City,” Maynard told The Coffin Corner in 2003.. You have to live somewhere for a year. But, I play basketball and run. “

After staying out in his second season, Maynard compiled 2,283 yards as a running back and returning specialist. He also ranks as a defensive safety.

In 1957, the year Maynard originally graduated, he was selected by the New York Giants in the ninth round (109 overall) of the league draft. Maynard remained in school before entering the profession in 1958.

The Texan arrived in New York sporting long sideburns, cowboy boots and blue jeans. Superstition, he asked for the shirt with the number 13, the same one he had when he was a kid.

Maynard never wore a chinstrap in his run because he didn’t like the way it felt. He wears special protection inside his helmet to prevent the use of a chin strap.

Maynard played one season with the Giants as a linebacker and punt return specialist, primarily as a backup, including New York’s 23-17 overtime loss to the Baltimore Colts in the NFL championship game, dubbed “the best. contest of all time “. Maynard was released the following year and spent most of the season in the CFL with the Hamilton Tigercats.

In 1960, Maynard became the first player to be signed by the New York Titans (now the Jets) from the newly formed AFL, eventually transitioning to the wing position. He had 72 receptions and passes for 1,265 yards that season.

In 1965, the Jets signed future Hall of Fame quarterback Jonah Matt and Maynard led the AFL with 14 touchdown receptions.

“Joe is obedient,” Maynard told author Jackson Michael in his book “The Game Before Money: The Voices of the People Who Built the NFL.” “I told him that I would help him be a better quarterback and that he would help me be a good receiver because we would talk before every game at every practice.

“I taught Namath to some coaches, and even in today’s game, I didn’t teach the quarterbacks what to do – read the defense! Whatever you do, do the opposite.”

In 1967, Maynard set a team record at the time with 1,434 receiving yards and was named the team’s MVP.

In 1968, the Jets won their first division title 11-3 and faced the Oakland Raiders in the AFL Championship Game, where Maynard had the best time of his career.

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