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Did Mark Schlissel Have Extramarital Affair With His Girlfriend? Wife Monica Schlissel And 118 Page Email Details



President of the University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel is making the headlines right now after being fired from his position due to his extramarital affair. Yes, you read it right, the news has been going viral on social media platforms. Several people have been reacting to the news. It is shocking for everyone who is known to the president and also for the college staff. The news has been getting huge attention from the netizens. People also want to know more about him and his life. In this section, you will get all information, you want to know about him.

Mark Schlissel

Did Mark Schlissel Have Extramarital Affair with His Girlfriend?

Mark Schlissel is the president of the University of Michigan who has been in the headlines after getting fired from his job. As per the sources, he was fired from his position at the University of Michigan due to his extramarital affair with his girlfriend. Yes, the president of the university is having an extramarital affair. He was serving as the 14th president of the University of Michigan. He joined the university as the president on 01 July 2014. The news of the president’s fire made the headlines due to the background of the incident as he was having an extramarital affair with one of the employees of the university.

Mark Schlissel Wife Monica Schlissel and 118 Page Email Details

This is the reason why the news of Schlissel’s fire became a hot topic of discussion everywhere, especially on the internet. As per the reports of MLive, the board of the university got a complaint from an anonymous person that the president was having an extramarital sexual affair with an employee of the university. Following this, the board of the university started the investigation of the case and discovered a 118-page email that has proved all the allegations. After all this, Mark Schlissel was fired from his position of principal at the University of Michigan.

Mark is married to his wife, Monica Schlissel, a well-known personality in Michigan. She is a highly reputed environmental and energy lawyer. She has good experience in her career field. However, she didn’t react yet regarding her husband’s actions. She is maintaining silence so far. We are waiting for her reaction regarding the former president of Michigan University. As of now, his wife must be feeling cheated and is going through a tough time. Mark Schlissel is active on Twitter but has a private account. The salary of Mark Schlissel is yet to be revealed in public, but we are sure that he would be getting a good salary. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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