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Des Drummond Dead: Leigh Rugby League Great Cause Of Death Biography



Heartbreaking tributes are being poured on the death event of one of the incredible Ruby players named Des Drummond. The dynamic athlete left everyone shocked with this sudden passing at the age of 63. He will always be recognized as one of the excellent rugby players of all time registered a surprising record throughout his career. The news of this unpleasant news has been covered by many significant media sources. However, none of them has released the prominent cause of her death so far. Get more information on Des Drummond death cause and Funeral Obituary News.

Des Drummond Dead: Leigh Rugby League Great Cause Of Death Biography

As we mentioned above the rugby player is fetching enormous attention due to this displeasing event. He earned a prominent in the team Leigh after gaining a contract along with the club when he moved along with his parents and his brother Alva to England. As and when he joined the team he appeared in almost 280 appearances for his club and even seized the winning title in 1982. The rugby player won a total of 24 Great Britain caps throughout his career. He got his first cap after his victory against New Zealand.

Who Was Des Drummond?

Later, the player resigned from the team Leigh and joined Warrington in 1987. He joined the team as a winger played in the right-wing and registered the Regal Trophy against Bradford in 1991. He arrived in a total of 182 games for Warrington and scored 69 tries. He played his last game on 26th April 1992. In the end, he joined an Indian summer at Workington Town. He also rejoined Old Trafford twice in the Divisional Premiership. Later he announced his retirement by the end of the Indian Summer season. But later get convinced to withdraw his decision and went on the play for Chorley and Barrow.

He earned much fame with his extraordinary gameplay and commendable skills. He brought storm in the field whenever he arrived to clash against any of the team. He even gained celebrity status with his magnificent performance in the BBC series ‘Superstars’, finishing second in the 1983 final and acclaimed a world competition record 10.85 seconds for the 100 meter and got advanced for the 1984 Olympics.

Now the player is no more in this world, he took his last breath on 29th January 2022 leaving all of his family members, friends, and fans shattered. Our thoughts, prayers, and supports are with his family members and fans. May the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the updates.

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