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Comedian Christian Cabrera Dies At 40: Check Cause Of Death How Did He Die?



Unvaxxed comedian Christian Cabrera is no more. Yes, it is been reported that he died and was just 40 at the time of his sudden death. The news has started to get circulated on social media and has taken everyone by surprise. As the comedian was too young to have bid the world goodbye, no one seems to believe the news. Also, the death news came just two days after Christian had messaged his brother saying how much is he regretting not getting vaccinated. Here is what we know about how did he die and his cause of death.

Comedian Christian Cabrera Dies At 40: Check Cause Of Death How Did He Die?

According to the reports, Christian Cabrera was suffering from the ongoing spread virus. As it has already been mentioned above the comedian had shared his regret of not getting vaccinated with the virus to his brother, he succumbed to the virus only. Reports claim that Cabrera was admitted to Sherman Oaks Hospital where he was getting treatment for the disease. The virus had reportedly changed to pneumonia which had worsened his health condition.

What Happened To Christian Cabrera?

Despite getting proper medical treatment, the comedian did not survive and passed away on January 22, 2022. He has left behind his wife and his son, aged 3. Cleavon MD took to Twitter to share the details of the unfortunate death of the 40-year-old father. He shared a pic of Christian with his son and his wife and wrote that he texted his brother that he regrets skipping the vaccine two days after the saddening piece of news was announced.

Cleavon further added that the comedian has said that he is finding it hard to breathe and is really regretting not getting the vaccine and had added that if he could do it all over again he would do it in a heartbeat to save his life. Christian had also shared the experience about his battle on social media on Jan 13 where he had posted a selfie while lying in a hospital bed and wearing an oxygen mask. He had written that he had been there in ICU for almost a week and can not breathe because of pneumonia infection on both lungs.

Christian wrote that this is the worst pain he ever had in his life. Talking about Christian Cabrera, he was a well-known content creator and a comedian from Southern California. He actively participated in the viral trends and had also gotten the nickname “Chinese best friend”. Cabrera mainly created videos with Micheal Blackson, an American-Ghanian actor and comedian. We pray for his soul!

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