Chris Whitty Video Grabbed By Two Men Video Viral On Social Media

Chris Whitty Video Grabbed By Two Men Video Viral On Social Media The case of assaulting Chris Whitty in a Westminster park has taken another turn recently. Yes, the man who assault him and grabbed Chris in a headlock appeared on a court video link. In the court appearance, he lay on a bed in a dressing gown through which his bare chest is appearing. Not only this, but the man also claimed that he has contracted the virus. Jonathan Chew, 24, who declines expected assault and obstructing police, asked the chief medical authority to occur at the hearing today after his own attorney exited from the case because he was professionally embarrassed.

Chris Whitty Video Grabbed By Two Men Video Viral On Social Media

Let us also tell you that Chew and another man named Lewis Hughes who is 23 years old filmed themselves while holding Chris Whitty when he walked through St James’ Park on 27th June 2021. Not only this, but they both also demanded a selfie with him, and to take a selfie they grabbed Chris in a headlock. After the video that they made with Chris Whitty come to the fore, Hughes lost his job as an estate agent. When his employer saw the footage, he then admitted to the general assault in July and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and suspended for two years.

On the other hand, Chew denied the assault allegation on him and allegedly gave his brother’s name to officers following obstructing a police officer. After a long time, he appeared to court via a video call in which he claimed that he has been contracted to COVID-19. He appeared live from his bedroom coughing occasionally and wearing a dressing gown. Later, the gown slipped down and his bare chest appeared on the video call. Not only this, but his lawyer Peter Fallen also told the court that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Just before the trial began this afternoon, his lawyer Fallen withdraw from the case and told the court that he is professionally embarrassed to secure Chew from his punishment. His lawyer, Fallen said, “I am no longer able to continue to represent Mr. Chew, I’m sorry to tell you, for professional reasons”. Now, further details related to this matter are still remaining to be unveiled but we are trying to find some more details on the same topic. We will update you if Jonathan Chew also admitted his crime and got arrested.

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