Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination 14th Week — Thamarai Selvi Get Evicted From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5?

This is another written episode update of Bigg boss Tamil season 5. And being enthusiastic about this show reality shows you guys must be waiting to know that detail of the upcoming episode. So we’re here to call the state of the upcoming episode in this show you guys were going to be enjoying the book entertaining part of the show. So in tonight’s episodes you guys still going to meet in most without the host of the show kamal sir.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination

He will go to take you at all of his glasses and we can also say that he will go to be taking a bath show on the emails as per day performances in the game of the last episode. He will go to be found out some of the inmates what a bad behavior with the rest of the house live after which they always seem feeling so guilty. Arvind is there will be entertainment also as he has been bringing some of the challenges for the invite in which they have to perform by telling reasons why there till getting that specific person.

Today’s you guys will also go to see that they will be a heated argument among the inmates. So we will see that covers I will be going to be patch onto of the male contestants and he will going to tell them that the way they are playing this game is not appreciated at all. They are messing up the things and even the images also getting rained out of this show what day has been doing with others is affecting their image.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination Today – Who gets evicted in BB5 Tamil this week – Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination this week

As per the voting trends of Friday, we will get to know that there will be two names in the danger zone that are Niroop and Pavni. Where is on the safe side we will have Raju with 38% votes among all the nominated inmates? You guys will also go to see that the inmates are under the pressure as they have to face the elimination when already reached so far in the game and getting eliminated at this stage is a bit disappointing for them and even for their fans too. So don’t forget to watch the full episode on Star Vijay TV and for all the written episode updates follow our site.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nominated Contestants 14th Week

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Pavni Nominated
2 Niroop Nominated
3 Raju Nominated
4 Priyanka Nominated
5 Ciby Nominated
6 Thamarai Nominated

For enthusiasts of the most admiring drama “Bigg Boss Tamil season 5,” we are back with an update of another upcoming episode. We know that being a fan of any of the entertaining stuff is so impatient to keep on waiting till the release of another or new episode. This is why we are here with you to keep on updating you with the upcoming episodes of reality. You guys are so impatient to know who will be going to be evicted from the show in the upcoming episode. Thus, we are here to update you on the new voting trends.

The show is going great and is an almost diverting show on its channel. In the upcoming episode, you will be going to be meet the most believed host of the show and he will be there with the saddest announcement as the weekend is almost here. Well if we talk about the performances of the inmates then worries are doing great at their side and giving their best to the show. No inmates want to be face eviction as they have reached so far in the game now so it will be going to be disheartening for them to be get eliminated.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination 14th week Final Voting Trends: 

  • Raju – 38% vote share
  • Priyanka – 34% vote share
  • Thamarai – 10% vote share
  • Pavni – 10% vote share
  • Niroop – 9% vote share
  • Ciby – ELIMINATED with SUITCASE (12 Lakhs INR)

Eliminations are the most disheartening part of the show which must need to take place as this is the only best way to get the most deserving one for this title. While this power is in the hands of the audience and we guys are the ones to choose the best among the rest. And it defined’s on their performance in the game. Here is the list of the nominated housemates for this week.

So as per the voting trends, we can see that Niroop is in the danger zone while there are two more on the same list, Pavni, and Thamarai. Raju’s with the highest votes and he is safe. In the upcoming episode, you guys will be going to see the eviction of Niroop. Watch the full episode on the Vijay Tv star. And for the written episode update stay tuned to us.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5, is now in its final weeks and the show is now becoming more appealing hence the audience isn’t missing any of the episodes. Their level of grasping the update on tonight’s episode is too high or they are impatient. Our network is here to keep you all updated and with the written episode updates. So if we take you to the ride of Sunday’s episode then it definitely entertains you. This show is already made its space in the heart of the people, as the format of the shoe is so amazing and eye-catchy.

The episode is going to start with Kamal Sir gracing the stage of the show and he as usual greets everyone in his epic style. So we were seen in the last episode that Ciby was the last inmate of the show who was left the show after having a suitcase in her hand. There was prize money in it and it was her right decision to do so. Other than this you guys will also be going to see that he will go to take a bash on inmates. Elimination is the most disheartening part of the show which will be going to make the fans and the audience so sad. While all the housemates are also going to be seen under the pressure of elimination. They are waiting to know who will be going to be out of this house.

We will see that Pavni and Niroop are in the danger zone as they are with the least votes in the voting trends. They might be going to face eviction in tonight’s episode, this is gonna be shock their fans too as they want to see them in the game. But as we all know that the winner is the one only and this is the only best way to get the winner of the show. Whereas it is all set for the grand final soon. Watch the full episode on the star Vijay tv.

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