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Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Episode Update 21st Jan 2022: Devoleena Wins Ticket To Finale



Hey entertainment lovers, your favorite most controversial, and sensational TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is set to make you surprised again during the nomination task. Yes, you heard right, through the 21st January 2022 broadcasting the nominations special episode will begin under which, a few contestants will be nominated for the upcoming eliminations, as the makers have promised to give the audience their one finalist weekly. But the entire attention has been caught by the task, which is going to take place among housemates, so just be ready to catch the episode.

Bigg Boss 15 Today's Episode Update 21st Jan 2022: Devoleena Wins Ticket To Finale

The recent episode is bringing a second finalist for the viewers who will directly go in the grand finale race to make the show on their name. Hence the entire housemates are ready to make their secure space while playing the task, but this time, you will become the witness of groupism as the housemates will make their groups decide a name to whom they want to send in the nomination. Therefore, Tejasswi comes to Rashmi and informs her that now Devoleena is trying to do such things against them to win the TTF from Rakhi Sawant, and therefore a massive clash takes place between the two as well

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Highlights

  • Rakhi Sawant stuck between Rashmi and Devoleena
  • Rashmi gets into an argument with Devileena.
  • Rashmi alleges to Devoleena that she hit her.

Later, Rakhi Sawant goes to them one by one and make them acquainted that she will go with the right one, no matter who will be the contestant between the two, but meanwhile, she sets inflame between them by saying that Rashmi is refusing her to favor Devoleena, and something similar is done by the opponent as well. But the twist arrives when Rashmi asks Rakhi to favor her in front of Devoleena, and Devoleena passes a remark towards her.

As soon as the task goes ahead, their enmity takes the new heights as well because everything is under the hand of Rakhi Sawant. Because both have the last chance to grab the TTF and if they lose it so they will face a huge loss. This is the reason both try to make Rakhi understand to make the TTF of their name, meanwhile, their argument takes the worst face as both touches each other, but at the same time, Rajiv Adatia comes between the two and make them separated as well, so that they could not hit each other in such a manner.

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