Bigg Boss 15 (BB15) Written Update 20th Jan 2022: Rashmi Calls Devoleena Fake

Hello, all the entertainment peers, your favorite TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is going to be amazing enough, because the upcoming episodes are bringing some fantabulous twists and turns that will definitely make you feel over the top because recently the VIP zone entry task is ended. But something similar is again fetching by the 20th January 2022, because only a few days are left in the grand finale, in short, it would not be appropriate that the grand finale is around the corner, this is the reason as soon as the show is going ahead plenty of shocking twists and turns are coming.

Bigg Boss 15 (BB15) Written Update 20th Jan 2022: Rashmi Calls Devoleena Fake

The recent episode begins, where Rakhi Sawant fetches the entire attention as now everything is up to her, because the entire game could be overturned by her at any cost. Hence, she goes to Rajiv Adatia and informs him that she has two names for the VIP zone entry, first is Rashmi, and the second is Devoleena Bhattacharjee, but the confusion is that to who she should give her favor. Then she decides to talk to both of them, hence one by one she goes to Rashmi and Devoleena because now she could overturn the circumstances.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Ep Highlights

  • Rakhi Sawant becomes the ace of space for the task
  • Rashmi & Devoleena get into an argument.
  • Rashmi addresses Devoleena as a fake one.

Later, Rakhi Sawant decides to give her favor to Devoleena but at the same time, Rashmi Desai tries to make her understand that she should make a decision wisely, without coming under someone’s influence. Meanwhile, Devoleena says that she should not consider Rashmi Desai as soon as she hears her statement. Rashmi alleges that she uses people as per her convenience like she used Rakhi Sawant for going ahead in the task, meanwhile, Devoleena says that she has seen many fake people but no one likes Rashmi Desai.

Meanwhile, Devoleena touches Rashmi’s hand in such a manner she gets offended with the action and says how dare she touch her. But Sponteniously Rajiv Adatia comes between the two so that, they could not hit anyone because under the Bigg Boss house touching is not appropriate ad if someone does so it could be proven as the prime cause behind their sudden eviction. This is the reason rest of the housemates also come between the two, so that, they could make them separate but their spat goes ahead, so watch it on Colors at the right time and for more details connect with us.

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