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Ayberk Pekcan death and obituary – cause of death



Artuk Bey is an experienced doctor and a respected bey of the Dodurga tribe. He traveled to the western border of the Sultanate of Rum with Ertuğrul and the Kaye tribe, and became Ertuğrul’s right-hand man in the management of the Hanle Bazaar and the Kalakahisar Castle.

Artuk Bey is a very reasonable person. Even at the beginning of season 2, he suspected Aytolun of betrayal of the Dodurga tribe.

After season 3, whenever Ertuğrul leaves the Kai tribe, he is always there to lead the tribe. He also helped teach Ishaq how to practice medicine.

Turkish actor Ayberk Pekcan plays the role of Artuk Bey in the hit TV series Dirilis: Ertugrul.

The series is currently being aired on Pakistani TV and dubbed in Urdu at the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Thanks to his alliance with the protagonist, Eberk’s character is admired by millions of Ertugrul fans.

Fans love Artuk Bey because he’s a doctor who, in addition to his loyalty to Ertugrul Ghazi, has saved their favorite characters’ lives multiple times.

Ayberk Pekcan was born in Mersin in 1970 for his roles in “Hibernation” (2014), “Dirilis: Ertu Gruul” (2014) and “Love and Revolution” (2011) known for his works.

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