Attack On Titan Episode 78 Release Date Time Preview Revealed Watch Online

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, well, there is always a huge fanbase for the manga series. The viewers are crazy for these anime action series equipped with a captivating storyline along with the dynamic fighting sequences between the animated rivalries who never settle down. Some of the highly famous shows including ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ dominate one of the most entertaining channels HBO. Along with it some other shows of the streaming sites Demon Slayer making people go bananas. Well, in between all these the Attack on Titan also raked an enormous fan base with its regular episodes.

Attack On Titan Episode 78 Release Date Time Preview Revealed Watch Online

One of the most entertaining and beloved shows of all time Attack on Titan is one of the prominent shows nowadays that always remained on the priority of the audience. Well, the show is again fetching the attention of the audience after the announcement of its another episode. According to the latest episodes, Attack on Titan episode 78 has been scheduled to air either on 23rd January or on 24th January depending on the users are based across the world. We will get back to you with the confirmed release date of the following episode.

Attack On Titan Episode 78 Release Date

As per the reports, it is the 19th episode of the ongoing season 4 of the show and overall it is the 78th episode of the Attack on Titan franchise. Moreover, some of the prominent streaming sites including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu announced that the show will stream on 23rd January 2022 according to the time zone. It will also be released on the same date on some giant OTT platforms including Netflix and Disney Plus in limited Asian territories. Although the show is heading to its final season of the most entertaining anime franchise.

In the last episode of the show, we have watched that titled ‘Sneak Attack’ ended with the promo of the upcoming episode. As of now, it came to know that the 78th chapter is titled ‘Two Brothers’. The trailer of the chapter is making the audience immensely curious. The official website of Japanese Shingeki TV also shared the synopsis of the show in its original language.

The translation of the synopsis reads “People Fight for the beast giant(Titan), the ancestral giant(Titan), and the two giant(Titan’s) who hold the key to the situation. Arrange your Sunday schedule accordingly and get entertained with Attack On Titan episode 78. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more entertainment updates.


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