Anupamaa Written Update 29th January 2022 Episode: Anupama Worries About Malvika

In the episode of 29th January 2022 of Star Plus serial Anupamaa, Malvika talks to Anuj. She tells him that she is aware of the fact that he does not like Vanraj as he is the former husband of Anu. Anuj tells her that it is not true as he does not have any problem with him. Malvika laughs and says that it is obvious as he does not even trust him and thinks that he would always be wrong in a fight between husband and wife.

Anupamaa Written Update 29th January 2022 Episode: Anupama Worries About Malvika

Anuj says that she is talking about his sister and he has all the right to get worried about her and take her stand even if she is wrong. Later, Anuj asks Malvika not to get personal and professional things mixed up as it is not right. Malvika still questions him if he supports Anu even when she is wrong. She says that Anu could have helped Kavya in getting a job elsewhere but she made sure that she joins the same company as Vanraj.

Anupamaa Today’s Full Episode Update

Anuj was about to answer when Malvika interrupts. She says that whatever happened was good as at least Vanraj smiles in Kavya’s presence. Taking Malvika’s statement into consideration, Anuj says that this way, Anu should have a problem with Vanraj and not Kavya. Meanwhile, Anu overhears their conversation. She recalls Vanraj giving her the challenge that she can not weaken his determination.

Later, Anu receives a voice message from Vanraj where he tells her that the chaos she tried to create in his life has eventually reached her future Sasural and smiles. Anu steps into the room and walks towards Anuj who acts as if nothing has happened. Anu asks him to drop the act. Anu tells Anuj that Vanraj and Mukku are getting closer. Anu adds that Vanraj is bad news but Malvika would not believe her as she has never seen Vanraj doing anything wrong in front of her.

Anu tells him that they should have to do something before Malvika falls into Vanraj’s trap. Here, Mukku work with Vanraj online. Anu notices that and tells Anuj about the same. Anuj says that she saw her working that hard before. They see Kavya working too. Anu says that the duo is the real example of women empowerment and feels proud of them. To know what will happen in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, watch the show on Star Plus.

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