Anupamaa Written Update 24th January 2022 Episode: Kavya Questions Vanraj

Today’s latest episode of Anupamaa starts with Samar. He looks for Nandini but does not find her at home. He leaves a voice message asking her to call him back. Kinjal comes and asks Samar to take part in the kite flying competition. Here, Bapu Ji looks for Mama Ji too. Toshu asks him not to worry as he was feeling uneasy so he gave him medicines and now he is taking a rest. Bapuji understands and leaves. Later, he decides to judge the said competition. Anuj shows a kite to Anupama where #MaAn was written.

Anupamaa Written Update 24th January 2022 Episode: Kavya Questions Vanraj

Anuj says that he thought since they are in the same team, their names should be written on the kites. Anu gets shy while Anuj thinks that he should control his words. Here, Malvika also makes a team with Anu. Later, the entire family dances to ‘Keech Te Naach’ song. Meanwhile, competition begins with everyone choosing their partner. Kinjal and Samar get together while GK and Baa make one team. Likewise, Malvika and Vanraj, and Toshu and Pakhi also pair. The game just begins but Kinjal excuses herself as a dust particle lands in her eyes.

Anupamaa Full Today’s Written Update

Nandini comes just then and becomes Samar’s partner. Anu smiles seeing them together and says that they will win now. Samar defeats everyone but gets defeated by Anuj. Malvika challenges Anuj and announces that she will beat him. During the competition, Anuj slips resulting in Anu taking his place while Malvika also slips and Vanraj holds the thread of the kite. Now, it’s Vanraj Vs Anupama. The pair starts arguing and says that they will not let the other win. While they were on it, Kavya enters. She goes ahead to cut Vanraj’s kite’s thread. Anu asks her not to ruin the festive mood.

Kavya says that she can not let Vanraj misbehave with Nandini. The latter comes and asks Kavya not to make an issue today but Kavya does not listen. She tells her that she will stand by her side just like she did. Baa gets irritated and asks everyone to stop picking fighting as she is tired of these fights. Vanraj also raises his voice and says that it is better if the entire locality hears their fight. Anu asks Vanraj to calm down but the latter asks her not to interfere between husband and wife. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on Anupamaa.

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