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Anupamaa Written Update 20th Jan 2022 Today’s Episode: Vanraj Manipulates Malvika



So far, in Star Plus serial Anupamaa, it was shown that Vanraj and Anu get into an argument. The pair fought over Samar and Nandini as they shared different opinions about their relationships. Today’s written update of the show begins with Vanraj manipulating Malvika. Vanraj tells Anuj that he is trying to focus on work as he wants to prove himself to Malvika. However, Anuj does not trust him. Vanraj thinks that he needs to win his trust first. Here, Anu tells Anuj about her fight with Vanraj earlier and says that she does not want that.

Anupamaa Written Update 20th Jan 2022 Today's Episode: Vanraj Manipulates Malvika

Anuj asks Anupama not to explain to him as he understands her better than everyone else. Anu says that Mr. Shah has changed and adds that he has started to act like his old self again. Anuj asks Anu not to change ever for anyone. Anuj asks her to contact him if she ever wants to brag about something as he will be always there for her. Anu feels please and just looks at him with happiness.

Anupamaa Written Update Episode

Here, Vanraj tells Malvika that he has no time to think about anything else and that he is completely focusing on work. He adds that he was wrong as people still judge him based on his past decisions and personality. Vanraj adds that everyone thinks that he has not changed a bit and is still the older Vanraj Shah. He tells Malvika that he has started to feel alone as no one believes in him. It does not matter whether he is at home or his workplace, the only feeling he gets of loneliness.

Malvika gets emotional and wipes Vanraj’s fake tears. She asks him not to cry as tears do not look good on him. Vanraj smiles and holds Malvika’s hands. He asks her if she believes in him to which she nods. Meanwhile, Anu brings medicines for Malvika. She gets stunned seeing Vanraj and Malvika together having a cozy conversation. She clears her throat and offers Malvika her medicine while Vanraj gives her water.

Anu reminds Malvika about her therapy appointment. Vanraj says that he will take her there. Here, Kinjal asks Samar if he is okay now. Samar gets irritated and tells her to leave as he does not want to talk about it. Kinjal tells him that he has several people to talk to but Nandini is totally alone. Samar irritatingly says that Nandini has her Kavya Masi. Read more written updates of Anupamaa on Social Telecast.

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