Anupamaa 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Slams Pakhi

Today’s episode of Anupamaa starts with Anu telling Pakhi that one should have a goal in their life. She says that when there is a goal, there is a way. Anu further says that even though Samar was not good at studies, he had his goal which he followed until the end. She asks her not to get distracted by her friends’ goals and decide her own. Anu says that she will not allow her to go to the US until she decides what she wants to do in her life. She asks her to study hard and get a scholarship like Toshu.

Anupamaa 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Slams Pakhi

Pakhi gets frustrated and asks Anu to stop. She angrily leaves the place. Anu says that sometimes the kid needs to be told what is wrong and what is right. Bapuji asks everyone to end the discussion and just focus on the celebration. Anu goes to the terrace to check on the pickle. Vanraj comes as well. He asks her if she lectured Pakhi to prove him wrong. Vanraj angrily continues that she wants to become his teacher by lecturing him about life lessons.

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Vanraj asks her to stop as he is not her student and not a fool who does not the difference between right and wrong. He says that he might have made a mistake once but he is not someone who keeps repeating the same mistakes. Anu tells him that whatever she said that time was just to correct Sweety but Vanraj does not buy it. Vanraj says that he will not keep quiet if it will come on his children and adds that he will not let Anuj interfere if she can not see Mukku interfering. Anu asks him to stop doing this but Vanraj says that he has not even started yet.

Here, the Shah family celebrates Sankranti Pooja. Vanraj performs Arti and passes the Thali to Malvika who passes it on to Anu making Vanraj grin. Bapuji asks everyone to enjoy by saying every day can become a festival if they stay happy. Anu prays to God to bless her with courage and strength so that she can handle all the problems in the house. Later, she looks for Nandini and thinks that she needs to talk to her. Here, Bapuji announces the Kite competition. Mukku and Anu apologize to one another in the next scene. Stay connected with us for more Anupamaa updates.

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