Andrzej Nowak is dead, (TSA, Bad Dogs) Guitarist from Polish rock history – cause of death

One of the most important and outstanding guitarists in the history of Polish rock, Andrzej Nowak, has passed away. This information is provided by the musician’s family.

In his fruitful career he has collaborated with Martyna Jakubowicz, Tadeusz Nalepa and Harley Davidson. As a famous member of the TSA, he gained the greatest popularity. Since 1999, he co-founded the band Złe Psy.

Andrzej Nowak dead,  (TSA, Bad Dogs) Guitarist from Polish rock history

Some time ago I heard disturbing news in the media that Anjay Novak needs blood. The news scared me very much, because I think it is a huge loss for the Polish rock music industry. Well, all this is over smoothly. I immediately remembered that he passed away later that year, the famous Polish saxophonist Tomasz Szukalski. I hope all readers of my blog introduce the silhouette Andrzej Nowak. He was born in Opole on April 9, 1959-Polish guitarist, composer and music producer.

Founder of TSA. In the 1980s, he played with Tadeusz Nalepa and Martyna Jakubowicz, and also co-founded the conference “I Ching”. Since 2002, he has performed in the TSA band again. In the same year, he founded the band “Bad Dogs” (source en. Wikipedia). In 1986, Andrzej Nowak participated in the recording of two LPs by Tadeusz Nalepa and gained a deeper memory. They are the albums “Dream of a Madman” and “Live 1986”.

Guests of the album “Mad Men’s Dream” attended the above-mentioned Sukarski. The composition of the musicians of this album: Bogdan Kowalewski – Bass [Rickenbacker], Jaroslaw Szlagowski – Drums [Sonor], Tadeusz Nalepa – Guitar [Gibson L-5 S], Vocals, Andrew Smith – Guitar [Gibson Les Paul Custom], Rafal Rękosiewicz-synthesizer [Yamaha DX-7, Leslie], Tomasz Szukalski-saxophone.

It is a beautiful Novak guitar, supplemented by Hammond’s amazing sound, Slagovsky’s lively percussion, Kovalevsky’s bass and Nalepa’s grave sound, making it One of the best Polish blues albums in the late 1980s. last century. The real game show Andrzej Nowak gave a concert on “Live 1986”.

As far as I know, it was a recording of a concert in Lodz in early 1986. In these recordings, the dynamic guitar complements the almost melancholic guitar playing Tadeusz Nalepa. Here, Andrzej Nowak (Andrzej Nowak) really showed his excellent artistry, especially in the song “Prayer” at the end of the album. Lyrics of Bogdan Loebl.

A few years ago, before collaborating with Nalepa, Andrzej Nowak started his music career as a guitarist for the heavy metal band TSA. I like his guitar performance and the performance of the whole band. In early 2004, I was fortunate to hear the team’s live broadcast of “Od Nowa” in Toruń for the first time. Let us hope it will happen soon. The best Polish guitarist Andrzej Nowak wishes you good health, prosperity, and equally interesting music projects!

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