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Andrew O’Keefe Former TV Host Charged Over Alleged Assault of Woman in Sydney



It is reported that Andrew O’Keefe, the former Seven Network television host, has been arrested on Thursday, January 27, in the morning. You must be wondering what did he even do to get detained. Well, let us inform you that the TV host was accused of choking a woman and then kicking and punching her. The woman is said to be Andrew’s business partner. As per the reports, Andrew got into an argument with the lady on Tuesday in the Sydney CBD unit which ultimately led him to assault her. Check complete details here.

Andrew O'Keefe

New South Wales police released a statement where they said that the television host argued with the 38-year-old woman in Sydney and as the argument got heated up, Andrew ended up grabbing her from her throat and choked her. He did not stop just here as he also kicked and punched the said woman. The police confirmed the assault on the woman stating Andrew allegedly assaulted the lady two times where firstly he choked her and then went ahead to kicking and punching her. The matter has been spreading like wildfire and has brought the host into the spotlight.

Reports claim that the 50-year-old Australian TV presenter has been charged with a total of six offences which include intentionally choking a person without their consent, an assault that caused bodily harm and common assault. It is being said that Andrew will have to produce before the Central Local Court on Friday, January 28 and that the court has rejected his bail pleas too. As the matter has risen, the host has lashed out at journalists. The former White Ribbon ambassador was seen screaming at the reporters while he was being transferred from the CBD’s Day Street Police Station.

Police have stated that Mr O’Keefe met the said woman at his residence located on Kent Street, Sydney on the afternoon of Tuesday. Let us also add that Andrew has had two domestic violence charges earlier too which had been dismissed while a third charge was reportedly withdrawn by the cops last year as the magistrate has learned about the host having a hypomanic bipolar state at the time when he spat at his partner and went ahead to slap and kick her in 2021. Andrew O’Keefe has always remained in the controversy. He is popularly known for hosting “Deal or No Deal”, a game show along with “The Chase Australia”.

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