Alexis Avila – Hobbs New Mexico Baby Found – Woman Arrested Details (Video)

The news coming into the headlines about a lady from Hobbs, that she has been charged with an attempt to murder her own baby after leaving her baby in a garbage pail. The photos of the lady are being searched on Facebook. This news has been being going viral on social media platforms and receiving immense attention from people. There are several people who are continuously responding to the news and criticizing the lady. People have been seeking more details about the matter. In this article, we are going to give you all the information regarding this matter.

Alexis Avila

Who is Alexis Avila?

According to the reports, the lady who is from Hobbs and was charged with an attempt to murder has been identified as Aleix Avila, 18. The whole incident took place on Friday and a video has been released as evidence. On Friday at around 8 pm, Hobbs Police responded to the incident spot with paramedics to save the child. The newborn baby was taken to a Lubbock, Texas, hospital. The lady abandoned her baby in the dumpster. Currently, the condition of the child is said to be stable.

Hobbs New Mexico Baby Found In Dumpster

The Hobbs police started the investigation immediately and got security camera footage. They found 18 years old mother after getting the video of the incident. In the video, the police found the identity of the lady and her vehicle in which she came to thew her newborn baby in the dumpster. According to the police, the mother, Alexis Avila admitted that she gave birth to her child and threw the baby. In New Mexico, there is a lack of Safe Haven law, which allows someone to leave an infant with hospital staff for up to 90 days without worry of criminal penalties if the child was not neglected and misbehaved. Maybe, the mother was not aware of this law.

Alexis Avila: Woman Arrested Details

The nearest hospital was only 4 miles away from, where the baby was left. Not much information has been revealed regarding the lady. No photos and videos are available of Alexis Avila on Facebook. The newborn baby of Alexis was found in a garbage pail in the 1400 block of North Throp Street in Hobbs on the night of Friday. Later, the child’s mother, Alexis Avila was detained and charged with an attempt to murder her own child and child cruelty. She was ordered to appear in Lea County District Court on 10 January 2022. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

In any religion, the mother is always on the top. She is the figure of the Goddess and is always close to their children. We can never imagine any bad thing about a mother but one such mother put a stain on the holy figure. As per the latest report, the teen mother caught on surveillance footage accusation tossing her newborn baby alive into a dumpster in New Mexico has asserted she “panicked” when she gave birth just 1 day after getting to know that she was pregnant. This heinous act was done by Alexis Avila who was 18 years old.

She was apprehended and charged with the attempted assassination and felony child abuse after her infant son was discovered covered in a bloody towel and a plastic trash bag in a dumpster in a parking lot in Hobbs on Friday, 7th January 2022, around 6 hours after being left there. Ms Avila informed police investigators she did not know she was pregnant until 6th January when she desired medical attention as she was suffering from constipation and abdominal pain, Acting Hobbs Police Chief August Fons stated in a press conference on Monday afternoon. He stated that the teen said she then started experiencing more stomach pains the following day and gave birth.

She stated that she “Panicked and did not know what to do or whom to call” so she cut the umbilical cord, covered her infant in the dirty towel, and put him in a trash bag, he stated. Ms. Avila stated she then drove around for a while prior to deciding to put the baby in a dumpster, he stated.

Her heinous act was captured in surveillance footage which showed what happened next.

The video views a car pulling up next to the dumpster at around 02:00 PM Local time on Friday afternoon. The lady was identified by cops as Ms. Avila, who is watched stepping out of the driver’s seat, opening the back door, and taking a black trash bag from the backseat. She then uses 2 hands to throw the package into the dumpster prior to getting back in the vehicle and driving away from the scene.

The infant baby was miraculously discovered alive around 6 hours later by 3 people. The police chief stated the 3 people- 2 men and 1 woman had been “going through the dumpster looking for anything of value” when they heard what sounded like the crying of the baby. They take out the bag from the dumpster but assume it would be a kitten or dog he stated. Instead of that, they found an infant in it. He stated that “The baby was covered in a bath towel which was dirty and wet and had dried blood on it, with the umbilical cord still attached.”

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