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Adam Montgomery, father of missing 7-year-old girl Harmony, named suspect in unsolved murder



Mr Adam, 31, is currently remanded in custody without bail at a New Hampshire prison on charges of physically abusing his seven-year-old daughter in 2019. Harmony has been in her father’s legal custody but reportedly no one has seen her in two years. Adam has refused to cooperate with investigators about his daughter’s whereabouts. Now, he’s named as a suspect in the murder of Darlin Guzman in 2008.

28-year-old Guzman was found dead from a gunshot wound on February 10, 2008, just before 11 pm, in the parking lot of the former White Hen Convenience store in Austin Square. The victim was reportedly shot in the chest and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital. Speaking to local reporters, Emad Abedeldin, who owned the store at the time, said his employees saw Guzman arguing with another man just moments prior to the shooting. At the time of the murder, the suspect was described as being a light-skinned male in his twenties, standing about six feet tall and wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt. He drove away from the scene in a red Honda Accord, Lynn Police said.

A law enforcement source told The Sun that Adam and two members of his family had been the focus of the murder investigation since the beginning. He was 18 at the time of Guzman’s murder and was facing several criminal charges in New Hampshire but was out on bail. He had been living with his daughter Harmony and wife Kayla Montgomery along with their other kids in Manchester, New Hampshire. Harmony was five years old when she mysteriously disappeared.



Harmony’s younger brother Jamison said he hoped to see her soon in a heartbreaking clip earlier this month. The video was shared by his adoptive father Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller on Instagram. “This is why we’re screaming as loud as we can to help find Harmony,” he wrote in the caption. “We want her to know she is loved (especially by her little brother), we want her to be safe, and we want to help her heal. We can’t give up hope.”

Adam Montgomery has been charged with felony second-degree assault in connection with his alleged conduct against Harmony. His wife Kayla was also arrested and charged with a felony count of welfare fraud earlier this month. It’s worth noting that Harmony’s biological parents are Adam and Crystal Sorey. While they are not together, the timeline of their relationship is unclear.



According to the probable cause affidavit filed before his arrest, Adam allegedly told his brother that he made Harmony clean the toilet with her toothbrush as well as “bashed (her) around the house,” during a drug relapse. He had custody of his daughter since February 2019 and was living at the Manchester house until it was sold in May 2020, according to property records. Between January 2019 and January 2020, the police had responded to the Montgomery residence at least 16 times, following reports of verbal domestic fights, alleged child abuse and animal abuse, and the condition of the home.

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